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KD 3m worth heroin recovered from ‘shoes’ of Bangladeshi prisoner

A Bangladeshi inmate of Central Prison was arrested in possession of large quantities of heroin, reports Arab Times daily.

According to security sources, jail officials have been on alert ever since they seized a drone that was taking drugs to an inmate in the Central Prison.

When Lieutenant Fawaz Al-Failakawi received information about drugs being smuggled into prison cells, he and other officers searched all the cells but were unable to find anything except banned mobile phones.

However, Lieutenant Al- Failakawi suspected the shoes of a Bangladeshi expatriate which seemed heavier than usual when he lifted them.

He examined the shoes and discovered 71 rolls of heroin weighing between 100 and 300 grams and worth KD 3 million.

The confiscated drug was the biggest quantity ever to be seized from the prison. When interrogated, the suspect did not reveal on whose behalf he was working, who gave him the illegal items and how they were smuggled into the Central Prison. He was referred to the concerned authorities for further investigations.

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