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List of prisoners expected before Ramadan

KUWAIT CITY: The list of prisoners eligible for Amiri pardon is expected to be released by the beginning of Ramadan, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting a reliable source. The source said the list of inmates had earlier been submitted to the Public Prosecution that reviewed charges and punishments, in addition to ensuring the list does not include those serving time for State security cases, drugs and murder unless there is a waiver from the heirs of the victims.

The source revealed the list is now in the hands of the Amiri Diwan where the legal consultants are reviewing it and waiting for responses to security and legal questions regarding some names on the list. The source affirmed the prisoners on the list are covered by the terms and bylaws of Amiri pardon (amnesty) such as immediate release, reducing prison term to half or quarter of the specifi ed period and limiting the number of those who will be pardoned to 1,000 citizens and expatriates.



List of prisoners expected before Ramadan

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